Principal’s Message

Swamy Saswathikananda College was established and is administered by the trustees of Sree Narayana Sree Vallabha Temple, Poothotta (SNDP Yogam 1103), which was consecrated by the Guru Sree Narayana himself. It is history that the Guru geared up his social reforms with the establishing of a school. And his zest for education and literacy as a means for social reforms and human wellbeing hoisted him as the prime leader of Modern Renaissance in Kerala. The temple he consecrated has transformed the village Poothotta into one of the most successful and popular educational centers, not only of the District, but of central Kerala. The coastal village, a merging point of 3 districts, Ernakulam, Kottayam and Alappuzha has a population of diverse communities, from the lowest to the highest, socially and economically. Inspired and led by the aspirations of the Guru, his followers here nurtured his object, ‘Education for All, Opportunities for All’, in their mind. Seven Educational Institutions (under the SNDP Yogam 1103) flourish here, in this beauty of a locality, and Swamy Saswathikananda College is one among them. Most appropriately, the institute is named after the former President of Sivagiri Matt, Brahmasree Swamy Saswathikananda, a great visionary and an educationalist himself, and a staunch follower of the Guru, who had the fulfillment of Guru’s visions, as the mission of his life.

Like all other Higher Education institutes, Swamy Saswathikananda College aims at imparting quality education targeting the holistic development of the aspiring students. The college offers new generation as well as traditional courses which provide maximum opportunities for the students to achieve their goals. Numerous are the faces that have entered the portals of this temple of learning as puny adolescents and left it as mature and responsible citizens well equipped and poised to face the challenges ahead. Keeping the vision set by the Guru ablaze, let us march forward with steady steps and a raised head.