Silhouetted against a lacustrine and pedagogical setting and strategically positioned near the Ernakulam- Kottayam highway at Puthenkavu, Poothotta,  SwamySaswathikananda College came into existence in the year 2002.

Sanctioned by the Kerala Government and affiliated to M. G. University, Kottayam, the college started its journey of academic proliferation by sequentially appending non- conventional and conventional courses over the years, at both the UG and the PG levels.

 The Sree NarayanaVallabha Temple at Poothotta was consecrated by the World Guru SreeNarayana on 20th February 1893. Based on the Guru’s exhortation “Attain Freedom Through Education”, the SNDP Yogam of Poothotta selflessly strove to convert the rural ambience into an ideal hub of academic excellence.

Guided by a group of idealists at the helm of the management, Swamy Saswathikananda College now stands aloft as a prestigious seat of learning, imparting knowledge to students who flock to it from the various districts around it.

The college started functioning in September 2002 with four courses: BCA, BSc. Computer Science, B.Com with Computer Application and MSc IT.There was a total enrollment of 95 students that year. In 2005, two more courseswere added: B Sc Mathematics – Model II (Computer Science) and M.Com (Finance &Taxation). In 2011, MSC. I T was replaced with MSc. Computer Science. B.Com – Model II Finance and Taxation, B.Com – Model II (Computer Applications) Batch 2, and B Sc Electronics- Model III were started in 2013, followed by BA English Language & Literature – Model I in 2014-15 and two more P G programs, M A English and MSc. Mathematics, were added in 2020. Now the college functions with seven undergraduate and four Post Graduate programmes. Prof. K. S. Ullas (M.A., M.Phil, LLB) is the Principal and Mr. Sreekanth K N M A (Sociology), MSc. (Electronics.) is the Vice-Principal. There are seven departments with a total of 57 teachers. The Computer Department has 16 teachers, the Mathematics Department has 6, Commerce Dept. has 16, The Electronics Dept. has 6, the English dept has 8, The Dept. of Indian Languages has 4 and the physical Education Dept. has 1 teacher. The college has 4 system managers to take care of the computer labs and 5 office staff to manage the administration.

The infrastructure is so designed as to meet the varied demands of the aspiring students. Four computer labs with 150 computers with printing, scanning and Internet Broadband & Wi-Fi connections provide ready access to the net savvy techie brains that take admission here. Similarly the college appeases the thirst of the knowledge-hunters and book-lovers with a fully equipped library-cum-reading room stacked with books ranging from the objective and informative academic books to the subjective fictional literary works. Of course, students and teachers have been facilitated access to E Books and Journals. A language lab also functions with effective visual and acoustic facilities driving home to the students the phonetic and accentual complexities of a foreign language.

Headed by Vice- Principaland supported by the heads & teachers of all the departments of the college, a placement cell holds forth a promising future to the students studying here. Campus selection has proved a blessing to them, helping them find a career as soon as they come out of the college. Even during this lean period of recession, SS College is finding prospective employers scanning the campus for dynamic youngsters for their firms.

Arrive September 2021 and the institution will have completed 19 successful years of service in the field of higher education. It has been a period of initiation, experimentation and finally mastery of the art of educating a new generation of youth in academics, ethics, arts, sports and personality development. The college boasts of a faculty dedicated to the cause of education. Erudite in their professional competency, the additional degrees they hold (PhD., LLB,  M.Phil, M.Ed., NET Etc.) speak for their aspirations for academic excellence. Many of them continue to pursue the goal of knowledge enhancement and attend refresher and orientation courses conducted by the U.G.C. and other academic bodies earning covetable grades for their paper presentations and performances.

Academic activities are not confined to the chapters in the syllabus at Swamy Saswathikananda College. JAVA, PHP, Android, Python, Tallyetc are all part of their syllabus. In addition, the college gives them an advanced coaching in Tally for which a separate certificate is issued to each student on successful competition of the course. Workshops on aptitude tests, soft skills and interview skills are frequently conducted by bringing in resource persons to help the students prepare for competitive exams. Besides classes, counseling, group discussions, model interviews and career guidance are conducted to upgrade the standard of the students. As a cumulative effect of all these, most of the students have been able to find a place in the job market with ease. The placement cell in the college has assisted them to earn coveted jobs in reputed institutions.

Academics and careers apart, the institution gives due importance to arts and sports. A healthy mind in a healthy body is what we believe in. The Physical Education Department trains students to keep themselves fit by catering to their tastes in various sports – football, cricket, badminton etc They also get exposure to the standards met at university levels by competing in the matches held at the inter university meets., district and state and even national level competitions.