The last dates for the submission of applications for  II Semester CBCS (New Scheme 2020 Admn Regular/ 2019 Admn Improvement/Reappearance , 2018, 2017 Admn Reappearance), CBCSS (2014- 2016 Admn Reappearance/2013 Admn Mercy Chance ) , UG examinations are 02.12.2021 to 06.12.2021(without fine), 07.12.2021(with a fine of ₹525/-) and 08.12.2021 (with a superfine of ₹1050/-)

 UG Admission closed. 

 About the College

Silhouetted against a lacustrine and pedagogical setting and strategically positioned near the Ernakulam- Kottayam highway at Puthenkavu, Poothotta,  Swamy Saswathikananda College came into existence in the year 2002.

Sanctioned by the Kerala Government and affiliated to M. G. University, Kottayam, the college started its journey of academic proliferation by sequentially appending non- conventional and conventional courses over the years, at both the UG and the PG levels.

The Sree Narayana Vallabha Temple at Poothotta was consecrated by the World Guru Sree Narayana on 20th February 1893. Based on the Guru’s exhortation “Attain Freedom Through Education”, the SNDP Yogam of Poothotta selflessly strove to convert the rural ambience into an ideal hub of academic excellence.

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Principal's Message

Prof. K S Ullas

Swamy Saswathikananda College was established and is administered by the trustees of Sree Narayana Sree Vallabha Temple, Poothotta (SNDP Yogam 1103), which was consecrated by the Guru Sree Narayana himself. It is history that the Guru geared up his social reforms with the establishing  of a school. And his zest for education and literacy as a means for social reforms and …

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